Pet Sitting during Fourth of July

Fourth of July Leavenworth

Fourth of July can often be a challenge to the average person living with pets. Many animals exhibit firework phobia. Often it can be difficult to calm their fear and anxiety. I remember one fourth of July week when we almost did not get to take care of one of my pet sitting favorites, Hazel.

Hazel’s family’s vacation was scheduled for a few days after the holiday. However, she ran away on the fourth of July. Her mom had the leash on, but Hazel got so scared of the fireworks that she broke free. She was gone in an instant, not returning for days. Finally, Hazel was found a few miles from home. Her neck was swollen from where the collar had gotten trapped. Her feet pads were so sore from the hot pavement that she had been exposed to for days.

Hazel was one of the lucky ones! With proper care, the physical wounds healed well. Her mental and emotional wounds, not so fast. Hazel’s anxiety and fears from loud banging and flashing lights of fireworks continued into everyday life. Noises such as lightening and thunderstorms concerned her. It took time to reassure Hazel that everything was going to be okay, but she finally got there.

Most of us love fireworks, cookouts, and all the fun that goes with celebrating the holiday. Please enjoy the festivities, but do think twice about taking your pets out or exposing them to fireworks during this time. Considering hiring a professional pet sitter to sit with your pet can also lessen firework phobia and anxiety in pets.

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