Pet Parent and Pet Sitter Tips for Halloween

PTDC0028     My Dog’s Thoughts on Halloween

    It’s Halloween, and it’s time to dress up

    Can you imagine anything worse for a pup?

    These humans like costumes, candy, and such

    For doggies like me, it all seems a bit much

    My masters I keep happy by wagging and tricks

    By barking and jumping, and catching those sticks

     Is it too much to ask they forget doggie clothes?

     It messes my fur and detracts from my nose.

     They want me so scary, a pirate this year

      Swashbuckler with patch, a mean dog with a snear,

      But I’m meant for joy and for keeping things light

       Is it too much to be costume-free for one night?

       A Halloween dog, oh it just should not be

       I can’t wait for November to go back to “just me.”  

          (Christine Zibas, Yahoo Contributor Network)

Mommy came across this poem and asked me how I felt about wearing a Halloween costume tonight. I looked at her, knowing she thought it would be very cute to dress me up and so wanted to give her the answer she wanted. What I really wanted to tell her though, was I am not used to wearing clothes except for an occasional coat when it is really cold outside. Dressing me up when there will be so much excitement tonight might really add to my anxiety of all the activities going on around us. Pet parents and pet sitters really need to know how this might affect their pets. Some animals will be totally fine with the idea while others will be bothered. Costumes can be restricting and your pet may try to bite its way through it to get out of it. Perhaps a small bandana might serve your pet well instead. If you do take your dog out while you walk, consider a harness for better control. (I have been known to work my way out of my collar when I really want to get away!)

Mommy and Daddy will be staying home to hand out candy. I will be so excited to have so many visitors come to our door. Mommy can’t decide where I should be tonight as I want to greet everyone with jumps and licks or maybe some barking if the costume really scares me. Pet parents and pet sitters should consider the most suitable situation for their own pets. More than likely, I will be in the back bedroom with the TV going to minimize the noise and excitement.

Watch out for your pet getting some of that yummy Halloween candy. Even though we love it just like humans do, chocolate, especially baking or dark chocolate, can be very harmful to us. Please don’t tempt us and just keep it out of our reach. For more tips on Halloween safety, enjoy the article we read at:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!



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